Bt Notifier & BLE Scanner - smart watch notice App Reviews

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Great app

Great app , I like this app

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. Want my money back

Refund me

Doesn’t work I want my money back

Want a refund

Where do I get a refund

Don’t buy it

Doesn’t work at all basically takes your money which I want back

Thumbs down

Doesn’t work

Doesn't work

Money back!!!


App does not work at all! I want a refund!

BT notifier

It doesn't work, I want my money back....


it's a rip off. I need my money back please.


Doesn't work basically stole my money

Refund Please

Does not work

Doesn't work

I also want a refund

Doesn't work

Refund please


refund my money! dont work

Refund please.

Does not work at all. Would like a refund.


crappy app doesn't work! I will be getting my money back!


Doesn't work. I want my money back

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